semi hiatus because i am really busy with school and sports

and i dont really have time to make too many gifs or themes srry

some songs i really love right now:
another love by tom odell // do it again by robyn // people help the people by birdy // black & blue by miike snow


and s/o to oopstroye for this kickass updates tab

It’s called ‘Better Than Sex Mascara’, I’m gonna pretend it’s not called this..in my head I’ll call this Better Than Chocolate..this is most definitely better than chocolate if you like mascara. If you’re a guy and you like chocolate then..no, regardless of the name this mascara is awesome!

"I’ve been saying, since 3 months ago, that I want to go (to NYC) so bad and you booked (the tickets) ages ago. You know me well."

Baby Shower & Bed Wars


sam pepper’s hair reflects his personality: shit

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